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Your lawn sprinkler system is an excellent investment. A properly installed system using quality components not only takes the work and worry out of watering, but returns other benefits to you as well. Your system can help you find the extra time in today's active lifestyle for family activities, recreation, the pursuit of personal interests, or even the luxury of doing nothing at all. And too, your system will help protect your landscaping while adding value to your home.

Since no two lawns are alike, each lawn sprinkling system is a "custom" designed installation. A skilled member of our team using quality components can design and install a quality sprinkling system that will serve you long and well with minimum of maintenance.

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We pride ourselves on having a very diversified list of clients. The last 16 years we have installed systems for residential, commercial, and community service projects. We installed systems for both Benzie Central and Frankfort-Elberta Area Schools' ballfields.

Here is a list of satisfied commercial and community project service customers:

Please call us for a list of references from our residential customers.

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Crystal Water Works works with homeowners, architects, builders, developers and landscape companies to provide a professionally designed and installed irrigation system.

We have the appropriate education, certification, and technology required to design, install and service America's best brands.

We continuously invest in education, training, and technology to maintain leadership of our industry in Northwest Michigan. Our professional certification and membership in oversight organizations like Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association and Michigan Irrigation Association are strong indications of our focus on excellent customer service.